Anything Goes


The committee were delighted to present this classic Cole Porter musical as our 2001 production. The show reunited the production partnership of Iain Fraser and Julie Ballantyne and introduced a talented new choreographer in the form of Karen Feeney. Members may recall this as the show where the impressive two storey set developed an ever weakening staircase stage left resulting in some difficult footing towards the end of the week! The active musical numbers resulted in EVERYONE learning a litle bit of tap dancing!



The action takes place aboard the S.S. American, sailing from New York to England. On board are the beautiful American heiress Hope Harcourt, her fiance Sir Evelyn Oakleigh and Hope’s mother Evangeline. Also on board is Billy Crocker making sure that his boss Mr. Elisha Whitney (who happens to be very fond of the occasional tipple) has everything he needs for the trip.

Billy intends to disembark before the ship sails but when he finds out that Hope (whom he has dated and is in love with) is sailing to be married, he decides to stay aboard even though he has no ticket, passport or money!

Moonface Martin (Public Enemy Number Thirteen) and the moll of his associate Public Enemy Number One – Erma – are also aboard. They are trying to escape from the FBI. Billy and Moonface team up using all sorts of disguises to avoid various people on board ship. To add to the confusion, Reno Sweeney, the former evangelist turned nightclub singer (and another of Billy’s aquaintances) is also on board with her troup of dancers cum backup singers the “Angels”. She tries to help Billy in his attempts to win over Hope and at the same time falls for the charms of Sir Evelyn. What ensues is something between a Marx Brothers movie and a Brian Rix farce with hilarious results!

The score incorporates some of Cole Porter’s best known and comical work including “I Get A Kick Out Of You”, “You’re The Top”, “Easy To Love”, “Friendship”, “Deloveley”, “Blow, Gabriel Blow” and “Anything Goes”.




Mitchell Theatre
6 Granville Street, Charing Cross
G3 7DR
United Kingdom
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Elisha J Whitney Les Hooper
Fred Barry Martin
Billy Crocker Alan Orr
Reno Sweeney Jocelyn Nelson
Girl In Bar Susan Kerr
Sailor In Bar Cameron Lowe
Captain David Sturgeon
Purser Michael Lacy
Reporters Jim Munro
Victoria Eadie
Photographer David Brown
Rev Henry T Dobson Cameron Lowe
Luke Barry Martin
John David McCurrach
Purity Suzanne Lowe
Chastity Gillian Sutherland
Charity Monique Alexander
Virtue Karen Reilly
Evangeline Harcourt Shona McAulay
Hope Harcourt Sharon Osdin
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh Wilson Paterson
FBI Agents Ghyll McCallum
Steven Scott
Erma Moira McLeod
Moonface Martin Mark Ridyard
Old Lady In Wheelchair Dorothy Bedford



Production Team
Artistic Director Iain Fraser
Musical Director Julie Ballantyne
Choreographer Karen Feeney
Rehearsal Pianist Guy Milford
Stage Director Ian Purves
Stage Manager George Baird
Properties Eleanor Wilkins
Assistant to the Director Norma Fingland
Wardrobe Christine Hooper
Prompt Dorothy Bedford
Professional Services
Set Scenic and Property Hire, Wales
Costume G5, Glasgow



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