Half A Sixpence


We were delighted to present Half A Sixpence as our 1999 production. This was a marvelous show featuring loads of full chorus numbers a rousing score and story that ranged from almost slapstick comedy to bitter sweet romance. This rarely performed show was very popular with our audience. The show broke even with ticket sales at around 80% of capacity.



Arthur Kipps, an orphan now aged twenty, is an apprentice shop assistance in Mr Shalford’s Drapery Emporium, one of the most fashionable shops in Folkestone. Ann Pornick, Sid’s sister, is Kipps’ childhood sweetheart, but they don’t have much opportunity to spend time together. To make up for this, Kipps gives Ann a token of his love – half a sixpence – so that Ann can be reminded of him when they’re apart. One day in the shop, Kipps literally bumps into an excitable actor called Chitterlow, who informs Kipps that he is about to inherit a large legacy. Kipps leaves Ann, thinking that he is bettering himself, for Helen Walsingham, a young lady from a privileged family. Helen’s brother takes over Kipps’ financial affairs and Helen sets about improving Kipps. Some time later, Kipps meets Ann again when she is employed as a servant at the home of Mrs Botting, a friend of Helen’s mother. On seeing Ann being treated badly by her employer, Kipps realises that he is surrounded by people whose attitudes and values are very different to his own. Knowing that it is Ann that he really loves, he cancels his engagement to Helen and marries Ann. Kipps is still rather careless with his money and decides to have a large house built. Unfortunately, Helen’s brother has speculated with Kipps’ money with disastrous results. He has to sell the house and just has enough left to rent a bookshop with accommodation for him and Ann. A year later they have started a family, and are relatively content with their new modest lifestyle. That is until Chitterlow returns unexpectedly one day with some surprising news…

The score includes “All in the cause of economy”; “Half a sixpence”; “Money to burn”; “If the rain’s got to fall”; “Flash, Bang,Wallop!” & “I know what I am”.




Mitchell Theatre
6 Granville Street, Charing Cross
G3 7DR
United Kingdom
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Arthur Kipps Cameron Lowe
Sid Pornick Jim Munro
Buggins Alan Orr
Pearce Doug McFarlane
Carshot Wilson Paterson Snr.
Flo Bates Moira McLeod
Kate Diane Stewart
Victoria Heather Smith
Emma Claire McMurray
Edwin Shalford Les Hooper
Mrs. Walsingham Shona McAulay
Mrs. Botting Dorothy Bedford
Ann Pornick Suzanne Lowe
Helen Walsingham Norma Fingland
Yound Walsingham Stuart Forrester
Harry Chitterlow Wilson Paterson
Laura Charlotte Hesford
Edith / Gwendolin Sharon Osdin
Mr. Jones Drew Montgomery
Special Guest Appearance:



Production Team
Artistic Director Iain Fraser
Musical Director Julie Ballantyne
Choreographer Amanda Letarte
Rehearsal Pianist Janice Raeside
Stage Director Ian Purves
Stage Manager Alastair Wylie
Properties Eleanor Wilkins
Rhona Skea
Wardrobe Christine Hooper
Prompt Agnes Dalrymple
Professional Services
Set Border Studio, Selkirk
Costume Midland Costume, Crew



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