Kiss Me Kate


The Theatre Guild committee were proud to present Kiss Me Kate as our 2006 production. This classic show featuring some of Cole Porter’s best known songs was previously performed by Theatre Guild back in November 1963! With a comically complicated plot interlaced with deep emotion and a score that is “Too Darn Hot” to ignore we were confident that “Kiss Me Kate” would prove to be “Wunderbar” in the eyes (and ears) of our audience. The show was our first venture to Gilmorehill G12 – an intimate (i.e. ‘small’) venue with excellent lighting and sound facilities but limited performing space and auditorium (196 capacity). These issues were addressed by the production team who simplified the set, costume and orchestration to help the show fit the venue. In particular this spawned the use of Mark Ridyard’s (now famous) ‘boxes’ which represented the packing crates of the Baltimore Players and doubled as their ‘Taming of the Shrew’ set! This placed the emphasis of the show on the cast performances and here we delivered in some style! The cast of 37 sold all but 15 tickets for the week making the show a commercial (as well as artistic) success!



A musical version of “The Taming of the Shrew” is about to open in Baltimore. In the show with producer- actor Fred Graham are his former wife, Lilli; Lois, a singer in whom he is interested; and Bill Calhoune, who is Lois’s interest. The irresponsible Bill informs Lois that he has signed Fred’s name to a 10,000 dollar IOU for gambling debts. She begs him to reform. Fred and Lilli patch up their differences as they reminisce nostalgically about other shows in which they have appeared together. Fred sends a bouquet to Lois, which is delivered in error to Lilli. On stage as Katharine, Lilli discovers that the bouquet was meant for Lois and threatens to leave the show. Her departure is prevented by two gangsters who have come to collect the IOU with Fred’s signature. As the first Act ends she is raging, both in character and reality.

Petruchio ( played by Fred Graham) although just married to Katharine, and beginning his tempestuous wedded life, begins to yearn for his life as a single man. Because of a sudden change in gang administration the gangsters tear up the now worthless IOU and Lilli prepares to walk out on the show as Fred muses on his love for her. The gangsters sing the always show-stopping ‘Brush Up Your Shakespeare’. As the show comes to close, Lilli unexpectedly returns and in Katharine’s words expresses her intention of returning to her husband.

The great Cole Porter poured a huge amount of his best music into Kiss Me Kate. The score scintillates with hits like “Wunderbar”, “Always True To You In My Fashion”, “Why Can’t You Behave”, “Too Darned Hot” ….. a great stream of lovely melody allied to words by the wittiest lyricist America ever produced.

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Gilmorehill G12 Theatre

Gilmorehill G12 Theatre
9-11 University Avenue
G12 8QQ
United Kingdom
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Gilmorehill Theatre G12 is run by Glasgow University and housed in a modern church conversion. In addition to the theatre the building also contains a cinema and a café/bar.

It is situated on Kelvin Way, at the junction of University Avenue in Glasgow’s West End: just opposite Glasgow Uni Union, round the corner from Gibson Street.



Fred Graham (Petruchio) David Brown
Harry Trevor (Baptista) David Sturgeon
Lois Lane (Bianca) Caroline Patterson
Lilli Vanessi (Katherina) Suzanne Shanks
Hattie Gill Gilmour
Paul (Gremio) Cameron Lowe
Bill Calhoun (Lucentio) David McCurrach
Harrison Howell John Woods
Gangster #1 Robert Kirkham
Gangster #2 Jim Munro
‘The Taming of the Shrew’ Principal Players
Bianca Caroline Patterson
Baptista David Sturgeon
Gremio Cameron Lowe
Hortensio Tony Smith
Lucentio David McCurrach
Katharine Suzanne Shanks
Petruchio David Brown
DANCERS: Arlene Nicol
Susan Bedford
Karen Brown
Jennifer Carrol
Sharon Cartwright
Lisa Dutch
Suzanne Lowe



Production Team
Artistic Director Mark Ridyard
Musical Director Sean Stirling
Choreographer Amanda Letarte
Rehearsal Pianist Carol Hannigan
Stage Director Ian Purves
Stage Manager Jackie Duncan
Properties Eleanor Wilkins
Jacqui Garden
Wardrobe Christine Hooper
Prompt Dorothy Bedford
Professional Services
Set Elevation Design
Costume Theatre Guild Cast / Christine Hoope



Song List: * Another Op’nin’, Another Show * Why Can’t You Behave * Wunderbar * So in Love * We Open in Venice * Tom, Dick or Harry * I’ve Come to Wive It Wealthily in Padua * I Hate Men * Were Thine That Special Face * Cantiamo D’Amore * Kiss Me, Kate * Too Darn Hot * Where Is the Life That Late I Led? * Always True to You (In My Fashion) * From This Moment On * Bianca * So in Love (Reprise) * Brush Up Your Shakespeare * Pavane * I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple * Kiss Me, Kate (Reprise)

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