The Theatre Guild committee were delighted to present Oklahoma! as our 1995 production. This was the first time in the club’s history that we had presented this classic musical! This show represented an ‘All or Nuthing’ bid by the club to recover from near insolvency 12 months before. Following on from our fund raising review Singing Our Songs in 1994 it was hoped that this perennial favourite would put some money in the bank. This is did with some style – the show turned a profit of almost £4,500 – a figure not beaten to this day! The club owes a great deal to this production!



The story follows Curly’s romantic pursuit of Laurey in the weeks leading up to the territory’s declaration as a state in the early 20th century. Laurey is secretly happy to be pursued but Curly has a rival in the form of rough farm hand Jud Fry.

Meanwhile, Will Parker has returned from a trip to the big city hoping to woo his love Ado Annie. Unfortunately for Will she is the proverbial girl who can’t say “no” and hasn’t said “no” to any man since he left! Will finds that he has to romance Ado Annie away from the attentions of the Persian peddler – Ali Hakim.

The two love stories meet at the picnic basket auction where tradition dictates that a man who really loves a woman will bid highest for her basket since he wins not only the food but her company when he eats it! Jud and Curly rage a fierce bidding war for Laurey’s basket but Curly sacrifices everything to win. Jud is a bad loser and tries to kill Curly. There is a fight and Jud is killed. Curly is cleared of wrongdoing and they all live happily ever after (aw!).

Songs include Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’, People Will Say We’re In Love, Kansas City, The Farmer and the Cowman and Oklahoma!




Mitchell Theatre
6 Granville Street, Charing Cross
G3 7DR
United Kingdom
Get Directions



Curly McLain James McCluskey
Aunt Eller Fiona McNicol
Laurey Williams Amanda Letarte
Ike Skidmore Les Hooper
Slim Ian MacPherson
Will Parker Cameron Lowe
Fred David Miller
Jud Fry Iain Bell
Ado Annie Suzanne Lowe
Ali Hakim David Sanderson
Gertie Cummings Jean Duncan
Andrew Carnes David Brown
Viviene Lyndsay MacDonald
Principal Dancers Moira McLeod
Frances Goodfellow
Cord Elam Alex Stenhouse
Joe Allan Gallagher



Artistic Director Iain Fraser
Musical Director Isobel Edgar
Choreographer Annette Moore
Rehearsal Pianist Jean McGregor
Stage Director Alistair Wylie
Stage Manager Liz McGoldrick
Properties George Collins
Wardrobe Anna McGillivray
Prompt Dani Simpson



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