Rehearsal Schedule – Our House

Welcome back to the Guild after what we hope was a good summer break for you all.

Now for the hard work. Here we have a copy of the Rehearsal Schedule which counts us down to the opening night.

Please make sure that you attend all rehearsals and give plenty of notice if something comes up.


Our House - Rehearsal Schedule

DayDateTimeProduction AreaCalledCovering
Tuesday1st Aug19:30MusicFull CompanyRecap
20:50ChoreoFull CompanyRecap
Thursday3rd Aug19:30DramaAll 8 Principals plus "Callum"Re cap of all scenes blocked before break + Pgs 89-95
19:30MusicPrincipals as called
Tuesday8th Aug19:30MusicFull CompanyWings of a Dove & Encouragement
Thursday10th Aug19:30DramaJoe, Kath, Dad, Sarah, Youth Custody Officer, Joe's Solicitor, Magistrate, Priest19-20, 64-67, 75-77
20:00DramaJoe, Kath, Dad, Pressman, Julie, Heather67, 33-36, 69-73
19:30MusicPrincipals as called
Tuesday15th Aug19:30ChoreoFull CompanyWings of a Dove
Thursday17th Aug19:30DramaJoe, Sarah9-14, 50-52, 83-86
20:15DramaJoe, Sarah, Callum79-81
20:45DramaJoe, Sarah, Dad, Reecey9-14, 47-49, 82, 21-22
19:30MusicPrincipals as called
Tuesday22nd Aug19:30MusicFull CompanyTomorrow's Just Another Day & Recap Encouragement
20:50ChoreoFull CompanyEncouragement
Thursday24th Aug19:30DramaJoe, Emmo, Lewis, Sarah, Angie, Billie, Reecey14-18, 36-38, 38-43, 68
21:00DramaJoe, Clerk, Barrister, Harper, Smith, Massey, Smalltime Lawyer77-79
19:30MusicStallholdersSun & Rain
Sunday27th Aug14:00ChoreoFull CompanyTomorrow's Just Another Day
Tuesday29th Aug19:30MusicFull CompanySun & Rain
Thursday31st Aug19:30DramaJoe, Reecey, Emmo, Lewis, Sarah, Callum, Dad, Police 1,2&3, Judge52-56, 92
20:00DramaJoe, Sarah, Kath, Dad, Emmo, Lewis, Angie, Billie (8 Principals)Recap 3rd August
20:30Drama add - Youth Custody Officer, Joe's Solicitor, Magistrate, Priest, Pressman, Heather & JulieRecap 10th August
19:30MusicMenOne Better Day
Sunday3rd Sept14:00ChoreoFull CompanySun & Rain
18:00DramaJoe, Sarah, Callum, Dad, Reecey, JudgeRecap 17th August + Page 92
19:00DramaJoe, Emmo, Lewis, Sarah, Angie, Billie, Reecey, Clerk, Barrister, Harper, Smith, Massey, Smalltime LawyerRecap 24th August
Tuesday5th Sept19:30AllFull CompanySun & Rain and Rise & Fall
Thursday7th Sept19:30DramaPrincipals and cameos as calledre-work and review plus pickups.
19:30MusicPrincipals and cameos as calledre-work and review plus pickups.
Sunday10th Sept14:00ChoreoFull CompanyPrimrose Hill/Our House & Return to Los Palmas Seven
Tuesday12th Sept19:30AllFull CompanyFinish ensemble scene blocking plus review & polish
Thursday14th Sept19:30DramaPrincipals and Cameos Act 1Act 1
Sunday17th Sept14:00DramaPrincipals and Cameos Act 2Act 2
Tuesday19th Sept19:30ALLFull CompanyAct 1 Run
Thursday21st Sept19:30ALLFull CompanyAct 2 Run
Tuesday26th Sept19:30ALLFull CompanyAct 1 run & Fixings
Thursday28th Sept19:30ALLFull CompanyAct 2 run & Fixings
Sunday1st Oct14:00ALLFull CompanyFull Run & Fixings
Tuesday3rd Oct19:30ALLFull CompanyFull Run
Thursday5th Oct19:30ALLFull CompanyFixings / Costumes