South Pacific


We were happy to present South Pacific as our 40th Anniversary production. This was a particularly appropriate choice as South Pacific had been the Guild’s first ever production back in 1960.



Set against the backdrop of World War II the story unfolds on a French colonial island recently taken over by the Americans who are preparing to clear the surrounding islands of Japanese troops. Our hero, Emile de Becque, a French planter, falls in love with Nellie Forbush, an unsophisticated US nurse. While she returns his love she is upset to learn that he has two children from a relationship he had with a Polynesian woman, now dead.

We are introduced to the amusing characters of the ‘seabees’ – the American sailors of the Construction Battalion (hence the acronym), led by Billis. They are running a black market line in grass skirts and shrunken heads. The sailors are far removed from the front line and all the nurses on the island are spoken for – so they long to visit the island of Bali-Hai. Bali-Hai is strictly out of bounds. Their only contact with the island is through Bloody Mary, a Tonkinese woman who trades with them.

A new officer joins the company – Lieutenant Cable. Bloody Mary decides to introduce her daughter, Liat. Cable falls in love with Liat contrary to everything he has been brought up to believe in.

The sailors and nurses prepare for a show for Thanksgiving. Emile arrives to speak to Nellie but she is unwilling to listen. He and Cable leave on a dangerous mission that night. They are dropped on a Japanese held island to set up a reconaissance post. Nellie is devastated when she discovers that Emile is gone. The mission is a success but there is one casualty – Cable is killed in action. Emile returns safely and he and Nellie set up home together with their young family.

The score includes “Some Enchanted Evening”, “Bloody Mary”, “There Is Nothing Like A Dame”, “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair” and “Happy Talk”.




Mitchell Theatre
6 Granville Street, Charing Cross
G3 7DR
United Kingdom
Get Directions



Ngana 1 Ashley McShane
Ngana 2 Maria Celino
Jerome 1 Hamish Fingland
Jerome 2 Christopher Lowe
Henry Iain Fraser
Ensign Nellie Forbush Suzanne Lowe
Emile de Becque Robin Wilson
Bloody Mary Norma Fingland
Yeoman Herbert Quale Jim Munro
Seaman Tom O’ Brian Ghyll McCallum
Luther Billis Cameron Lowe
Stewpot Sean McQueen
Professor David Brown
Ensign Dinah Murphy Moira McLeod
Lt. Joseph Cable Alan Orr
Cmdr. William Harbison Wilson Paterson
Capt. George Brackett Les Hooper
Liat Heather Smith
Seaman Bob McCaffrey George Baird
Lt. Buzz Adams David Sturgeon
Shore Patrolman Ghyll McCallum
Ensign Janet MacGregor Karen Brown



Production Team
Artistic Director Robert Carter
Musical Director Julie Ballantyne
Choreographer Amanda Letarte
Rehearsal Pianist Janice Raeside
Stage Director Ian Purves
Stage Manager Jacqui Thomson
Properties George Collins
Shirley Collins
Wardrobe Christine Hooper
Prompt Dorothy Bedford
Professional Services
Set Scenic and Property Hire, Wales
Costume G5, Glasgow



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