The Wizard of Oz


The Theatre Guild committee were delighted to present The Wizard of Oz as our 2002 production. This was the first time in the club’s history that we had presented this show! This recently released version of the stage show was written to be almost identical to the original 1939 MGM movie. Audience figures finalised at around 90% and feedback was extremely positive (artistic direction, choreography and cast enthusiasm coming under particular praise). The addition of around 50 children to our membership certainly boosted ticked sales (and, some might add, blood pressure readings!).



Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, dreams frequently of what lies over the rainbow.

One day a twister hits her farm and carries her away. At the end of the rainbow, she finds herself in picturesque Munchkinland; home of the fascinating people, the Munchkins. In this famous land of Oz, Dorothy meets her first fairyland figure: the Good Witch of the North.

The Munchkins fête Dorothy as a heroine, because in landing, her house has accidentally killed the Wicked Witch of the East, who had long tormented the Munchkins. Dorothy wants to return to Kansas, fearing her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry will worry about her. The Good Witch advises Dorothy that only the great Wizard of Oz can help her get back to Kansas.

But Dorothy has an enemy, the Wicked Witch of the West, sister of the dead Wicked Witch of the East, who vows revenge. The witch is frightened away on her first encounter with Dorothy as the Good witch places the powerful ruby slippers previously owned by the Wicked Witch of the East on Dorothy’s feet!

On the way to Emerald City Dorothy meets Scarecrow who joins her. Next they meet the Tin Woodman and finally in a haunted wood they are joined by a Cowardly Lion. The Wicked Witch curses a poppy field on the outskirts of the Emerald City causing the travellers to fall asleep – but they are saved by the Good Witch who causes a fall of snow to awaken them.

In the Emerald City Dorothy introduces herself and her friends to the Guard. He explains that the Wizard of Oz is the most powerful Wizard in the world, but not very friendly! They are granted an audience with the Wizard who sends them on a quest to capture the broom of the wicked witch.

On the way to the Witch’s castle they are attacked by the Witch’s evil Flying Monkeys who kidnap Dorothy. The three remaining friends vow to rescue her but at the castle the Witch attacks the Scarecrow with fire. Dorothy protects Scarecrow by throwing a bucket of water over the Witch. This is the witch’s weakness and she melts immediately at the touch of the water – the Witch is DEAD!

When they return to the Great Oz, the four discover he is an ordinary man, not a powerful wizard. Nevertheless, the Wizard of Oz is able to grant everyone’s wishes. He gives the Lion a medal to represent courage, the Tinman a watch to show his large heartedness, and the Scarecrow a diploma to signify graduation from advanced study. The Great Wizard of Oz escorts Dorothy back to Kansas in his balloon.




Mitchell Theatre
6 Granville Street, Charing Cross
G3 7DR
United Kingdom
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Main Cast
Dorothy Allison Bennie
Toto ‘Chloe’
Aunt Em / Glinda Victoria Eadie
Uncle Henry / Guard Mark Ridyard
Hickory / Tin Man Wilson Paterson
Hunk / Scarecrow Cameron Lowe
Zeke / Cowardly Lion David Brown
Miss Gultch / Wicked Witch Norma Fingland
Professor / Wizard of Oz Les Hooper
Munchkin Mayor Laura Burns
Munchkin Barrister Ashley McInnes
Martha Smart
Munchkin Coroner Christopher Lowe
Kris Guthrie
First Crow Moira McLeod
Second Crow Shona McAulay
Third Crow David McCurrach
First Tree Susan Kerr
Second Tree Sharon Osdin
Third Tree Suzanne Lowe
Winkie General Stuart Forrester
Nikko Hamish Fingland
Dancers Susan Bedford
Karen Brown
Denise Hooper
Suzanne Lowe
Moira McLeod
Heather Smith
People of Kansas, Snowflakes, Ozians & Jitterbugs Laura Caricato
Linda Conway
Julie Cuthbertson
Hamish Fingland
Stuart Forrester
Lynn Henderson
Susan Kerr
Robin Kyle
Shona MacAulay
David McCurrach
Elaine McGill
Claire McMurray
Louise McMurray
Sharon Osdin
David Sturgeon
Sonia Wallace
Munchkins Ailsa Baird
Jenna Carey
Karay Gibson
Gabriel Harris
Julie Henery
Julie Henery
Jennifer Jamison
Christopher Kerr
Aimee Knox
Megan McMillan
Matthew McGlinchey
Katie McKitting
Mharie McLay
Jamie Martin
Stephanie Mullen
Jade Patterson
Natalie Pollock
Karen Adamson
Hannah Bowering
Christopher Brown
Stuart Brown
Dawn Bulloch
Sophie Dalziel
Laura Dickson
Bethany Donald
Rebecca Donald
Kimberley Gibson
Laura Hendry
Laura Kelly
Rebecca Lowe
Andrew McArthur
Heather McGillion
Laurie McIntyre
Sammy-Jo Marshall
Katy Morrison
Siobhan O’Brian
Helen Slater
Ashley Welch



Production Team
Artistic Director Alasdair Hawthorn
Assistant Director Mark Ridyard
Musical Director Gerry Devlin
Choreographer Jonathan Parsons
Rehearsal Pianist Graham Boyd
Stage Director Ian Purves
Stage Manager George Baird
Properties Elenor Wilkins
Colin Hooper
Wardrobe Christine Hooper
Prompt Louise Munro
Professional Services
Set Border Studio, Selkirk
Costume Utopia, Dundee
Lighting Design George Armstrong
Sound Alan Beattie, BSL



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